Bed and Breakfast has its seeds far back in history. The concept – by some means or other – has already existed forBed and Breakfast hundreds of years. Monasteries, for instance, have also offered shelter, accommodation and breakfast to travellers – some of these sticking to this
old tradition still today.
It was in England, Scotland and Ireland, where the term “Bed & Breakfast” was used for the first time. Even though in other European countries terms like
Pousadas, Pensionat, Gasthaus, Minskukus, Pension or Paradores were and still
are used, “B & B” is the term which internationally becomes more and more
accepted for this specific kind of gastronomy (accommodation with breakfast).
“Bed & Breakfast” has in general become a synonym for a private house in which the guest meets with a safe place for his sleep and a good breakfast in the morning to start the day. In former times it was quite common that the guest shared bath and toilet with other guests or the host family. Sometimes this is still the case, however, nowadays the guest often has his own bathroom.
Some of these private houses have evolved into regular small gastronomic businesses and today represent a gladly accepted alternative to the well-established big standard hotels and hotel chains. Meanwhile this has led to the smaller, individually managed houses being preferred to the big catering companies, just because of their unique and distinctive style and charm.
Bed & Breakfast in Germany What's the reason? As everybody knows, you can go into any supermarket of a big discount chain and find the food you are
looking for at exactly the place in exactly the storage rack where
you find it at home, too. Though not in general, however, in most
cases, this is almost comparable to the big hotel chains: Ambiance
and service are exchangeable.
By contrast and totally different: the family-owned small houses, where adventure yet may start on arrival of the guest. Everything is so individual and different from an international, well-known hotel. No "Bed & Breakfast" house equals to
the other. Moreover, B & B accommodations may often be found in particularly attractive sites or historical buildings.
This and the personal contact to the host is exactly what many guests explicitely want and like, so that they are attracted
by private accommodations with "Bed & Breakfast" character again and again.
To be a regular guest in a “Bed & Breakfast” pension is not uncommon anymore and - every now and then - friendships are formed and cultivated over many years between guests and their host families.

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